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Student Publications

Amanda Buck 

   “Black Ice,” “The Yellow Bassinet,” & “That Night” in Four Ties Lit Review
   “Also Kind of About Breasts” in Digital Papercut

Christopher Cervelloni
“Small Change” in The MacGuffin

Kevin Dorn
   “Mind the Line. Mind the Line.” shortlisted for the Séan Ó Faoláin Short Story Prize; forthcoming in Southword Journal through the Munster Literature Centre in Cork, Ireland.

Mary Anna Evans
   “Thumbprint” in Monkeybicycle
   “The Calculus of a Pea” in Spartan
   “Starch” in Kings River Life
    “Subcutaneous” in Vine Leaves
   “Could Silicon Valley Become the Next Camden?” in The Atlantic 
   “Grieving for the Timucua” in Saw Palm

Shannon Fandler
   “Unprepared in Appalachia” in Vela

Cherita Harrell
“Sabine” in Minnetta Review
“Crucible” in The Bleeding Lion

Adam Janos
“The Cusp” in The Journal of Microliterature
“Eggnog” in Word Riot

“One Extremely Hot, Incredibly Wet American Summer” in Narratively
“Nepalis in New York City Mourn Losses Back Home” in The Wall Street Journal
“Swimmer Finds It Isn’t So Easy to Scrub Off Gowanus Gunk” in The Wall Street Journal

Shawn R. Jones
Poetry Chapbook
A Hole to Breathe (forthcoming)

Michael Lamanna
   “Samson, I Guess” and “Portrait of Camille Roulin” in The Common

Nina Lary
   “The Challenge of Branding a Life-Threatening Disease” in Good 

Davon Loeb
   “Patricide and Boot Shines’”in Duende
   “2-AM Closing Time” in Nomans Journal
“After the Cyclone” in Drunk Monkeys
   “Alabama Fire Ants” in the Portland Review
“A Reconstruction of Great, Great Grandfather” in Connotation Press
Shopping with Kevin” in The Harpoon Review

Tim Lynch
   “Savannah and Carta Publica” in Heart
   “Loyalties, Savannah” in Deep South
   “The Conception of Factory Farming” and “after clubbing” in Whirlwind 
“Curse” in Mead

Keri Mikulski
    “Women’s Health Care Year: 2100″ in Whirlwind 

Monidipa (Mimi) Mondal
“Things to Do after They’re Gone” in Daily Science Fiction
“The Sea Sings at Night” in The Wiscon Chronicles Vol. 9: Intersections and Alliances
“She Walks in Beauty” in Muse India

Alex Ruiz
   “Because We Want to Be the Hero: Why We Get Defensive About Privilege” in The Body is Not an Apology
“For the Love of Iron: On Being the Little Guy in the Weight Room” in The Body is Not an Apology
“The Talk: How to Be Seen as Human” in The Body is Not an Apology

Greg Sullivan
The Serpent” in Pithead Chapel
   “The Allatoona Whale” in The Collagist
    “The Explanation for Ice” in Axolotl 

Advait Ubhayakar
   “New York’s India Day Parade” in Sunday Economic Times Magazine (print) and Times of India 
   “The Vishnus of Varanasi” in Sunday Economic Times Magazine (print) and Times of India 

Shelby Vittek
   “Exhbit Tells the Story of New Jersey Diners” in Record
   “Cape May Salt Oyster Making a Comeback” in Record
   “In a Pinch” in Table Matters, 1st Place Best Student Writing Association of Food Journalists
   “Here Comes the Sunchoke” in Table Matters, 2nd Place Best Student Writing Association of Food Journalists
“The Way of Tea” in Table Matters, 2nd Place Best Student Writing Association of Food Journalists 
 “Tackling Tahini” in Table Matters, 3rd Place Best Student Writing Association of Food Journalists

Mariam Williams
Nonfiction Column (ongoing)
“At the Intersection” in National Catholic Reporter

“Do You See What I See?” in Faithfully Feminist: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Feminists on Why We Stay