Meet our second-year creative writing cohort. 

Laura Brzyski was born and raised in Philadelphia (not a suburb of). In 2014, Laura received her Master of Arts in English from Lehigh University, specializing in medieval literature. After, she spent four years as a high school English and Creative Writing teacher. Her poetry has been published in the CEA’s ProceedingsWeal,Vagabond City, and her creative nonfiction in The Stonecoast Review. She currently serves as Poetry Editor for Alternating Current, and reads poetry & creative nonfiction for Gigantic Sequins. She is an avid globetrotter, dog lover, and taco eater.


Philip DiCicco is a poet and musician from West Michigan. He has a BA in English and Classical Studies from Hope College.





Molly Earner graduated from The College of William and Mary with a B.A. in English and again, a year later, with an M.A.Ed. in Secondary Education. She grew up in Northern VA, though she has strong ties to the greater Philadelphia area through her extended family. After working for a year as a high school English teacher in Richmond, VA, she is excited to make the move northward, where no one will criticize her for loving water ice. 


Arlene V. Edmonds grew up in the NYC area and has lived in the same townhouse in NW Philly her whole adult life. She has a BA in Journalism from Temple University, where she studied poetry with Sonia Sanchez. She earned her MA in Writing from St. Joseph’s University, with a poetry thesis directed by April Lindner. Besides writing poetry, fiction and nonfiction, Arlene has been a prolific freelance journalist, a music/piano/dance teacher, a feng shui expert, and spent the past decade as an English adjunct in PA, NJ, and MD. She has two adult daughters.


Roy Graham is a writer from New York whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Playboy, Motherboard and, once, on the back of several million Chipotle bags. He received his BA from NYU, where he studied fiction. After two years working in the videogame industry in Los Angeles, he dreads returning to true winter.





Emily Helck is a writer and artist from all over New Jersey. Her essays have been published by ABC News, Bustle, Do It Well, and others, and she has performed at NYC’s KGB Bar. She holds a master’s degree in literature from Fordham University, and will be focusing on fiction and nonfiction during her time at Rutgers—Camden.



Jae Lee is a South Korean poet and a recent graduate of New York University, where she was awarded the Judith Lobel Arkin Prize by the Academy of American Poets and received her B.A. in English. She spent most of her undergraduate years interning for literary agents, publications, and non-profits, and is as a result an expert proofreader and printer-mechanic. Her passions include cooking and fawning over cats. 



Christopher Juan Luis-Jorge was born and raised in Florida in a Cuban-American household. He received a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Theatre Studies from the University of Central Florida where he also edited for both The Florida Review and Cypress Dome literary magazines. He works primarily in fiction, non-fiction, and playwriting.






Marie Scarles was born in New York and raised in southeastern Connecticut. She received her BA from Wesleyan University, and has since worked as a psycho-oncology research assistant, English language teacher, bartender, server, and most recently as the associate editor at Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, a nonprofit magazine based in NYC. She writes poetry and nonfiction. 



Natasha Soto was born and raised in New York City. She received a B.A. in Latin American Studies (with a concentration in Latin American Literature) and Psychology at Bowdoin College. She writes mostly nonfiction, and is excited to explore the possibilities of the genre.


Patience Williams is a young spirit from the Midwest who likes writing sentiments about radiant people in small places. When she isn’t deep-conditioning her afro or cooking plant-based meals, she’s usually doing something she believes will further her purpose as an artist. She’s been published in The Oxford Student and The Scarab and most recently was accepted into a writer’s workshop with Winter Tangerine. You can usually catch her smiling— and she couldn’t be happier to further her studies at a dope writing program on the east coast.