Meet our second-year creative writing cohort. 

Marah Blake is a writer from Highland Park, NJ. She received a BFA in Theater (Original Works emphasis) from Cornish College of the Arts. Her fiction has been featured onstage with the Seattle Fiction Federation and Birthday Girl Performance Series. Along with writing fiction and poetry, she has worked as a dramaturg, researcher, and as a library paraprofessional.  


John Mark Brown grew up on a small farm in Southern Illinois. They are a recent graduate of Eastern Illinois University (where they received a B.A. in English), a poet, and a cardigan enthusiast, with work appearing in Indiana Review Online, Random Sample, and Stirring, among others.



Allie Casey is a New Jersey native who attended Rutgers University for her BA in English and Certificate in Creative Writing. She spends more time than she should thinking of coffee, fitness and her overweight cat, Zelda. 


Zach Kennedy-Lopez is a born-and-bred Left Coaster who writes non/fiction that usually involves bodies and animals, with an interest in exploring/disrupting expectations of narrative and genre. He earned his BA at Southern Oregon University and his MA at UC Davis, and between the two he worked as a wordslinger/occasional truthbender for a corporation specializing in overpriced food gifts. He’s a cat-dad and likes to swim.


Alex Luke grew up in London and received her B.A. from Amsterdam University College. She writes fiction.

Abby Reed Meyer grew up in New Jersey, and lived in many large cities before settling in the best one, Philadelphia. She has written for Philadelphia Stories, Kveller, Barrelhouse, VIBE and WHYY Radio News. An excerpt from her novel won the 17th Writer’s Digest Dear Lucky Agent Contest. She has worked for a civil liberties organization, a museum, and a law firm, and lives with her husband and two children in a rowhouse with too many stairs. 


Dani Oliver grew up in the Midwest before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a B.A. in English and theatre at the University of Southern California. At USC, she was awarded the Candace Silverman Memorial Scholarship and was a Virginia Middleton Creative Writing Award winner. Her poetry has been published in Shooter Literary MagazineOrigins Journal, and through the WOMEN group. She is also the former editor of two digital publications: @ This Stage Magazine and Daily BR!NK.


Judson Easton Packard grew up in the Hudson Valley. He received his BA in English from Kansas State University. He is a poet and a fiction writer and won awards for both from Kansas State’s publication: Touchstone. New Jersey will be the seventh state he has lived in.


Edwin Reese was born and lived most of his life in St. Louis, Missouri. He has a BA in English from Binghamton University in New York. He now lives in South Jersey with his wife, Meredith.



Austin Tucker grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and received undergraduate degrees in English and European History from Arizona State University. He was awarded the Sonia Minuskin prize for undergraduate research on semiotics and has his poetry published in The Orange Coast Review and Four Chambers Press. When he’s too broke to travel and out of ideas for poems, he spends his time writing music, overanalyzing movies, and arguing about punk records.


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