To see current Rutgers-Camden tuition and fees, which vary by school, please visit this page

Beginning in fall 2017, all admitted full-time students will be offered full financial support, including tuition remission and a living stipend. 

Types of support: 

  1. Teaching Assistantships are an excellent opportunity to lead your own class. You’ll join a cohort of TAs. Your first semester will be supported by a practicum, led by our Writing Program Director. These awards comprise tuition remission and a stipend of approximately $26,000 per year in exchange for the teaching of composition. Compensation and duties attached to the appointment are governed by a contract negotiated between Rutgers University and the American Association of University Professors. 
  2. Interdisciplinary Fellowships are built on the idea that writers often reach into other fields and practices. This fellowship gives a student both formal and informal access to thinkers, communities, and resources not normally housed inside literature and writing. These awards comprise tuition remission and a stipend of $12,000 per year, in exchange for work in various Rutgers departments. Students receiving these awards also have the opportunity to teach composition (1 course per semester) via an additional appointment, for a stipend of approximately $5,178 per course.

Part-time applicants 

Part-time applicants may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Part-time students are not eligible for the funding opportunities above, but may have the opportunity to teach a course. For more information, please contact